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Ceiling fans, bathroom and attic exhaust fans, all important pieces to making your home efficient.

Ceiling Fans

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Old ceiling fans can become wobbly, and the boxes could be outdated and not even rated for ceiling fans, causing the wobble. One thing that is most important when changing ceiling fans is to make sure you are attaching it to a ceiling fan rated box and that a qualified professional is installing it as they can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Ceiling fans help especially in rooms with low quality air conditioning or none at all, and there is no fan too high or too big we can’t do!

Bath and Attic Exhaust Fans

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Exhaust fans help remove steam from showers when there’s not a window available (or even where there is one and you just want a fan instead for extra ventilation) and it’s needs to be properly vented to the exterior of the home so that mold and moisture do not build up onto your insulation and drywall, essentially ruining your bathroom. 

If poor ventilation or loud rattling from your fan is occurring this could be a sign of poor ventilation or none at all, and it’s time to call and Electrician! Same goes for attic fans as well, they’re mainly only turned on in the summer time to keep moisture and extreme temperatures out of your attic, saving the life span of your roof and surrounding structures from excess moisture and heat. 

We tend to only use the best and most quiet brands of fans, unless directly specified by customer that they want a desired brand.  Give us a call today to get this taken care of it you suspect your fan may not be properly vented.