Depending on how quickly you would like the vehicle to be charged and the size of charger being installed, expect anywhere from $500-$3,000.

The upgrade can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $6500 in most cases. Your existing service will need to be fully removed and replaced. The service will be up to the current codes in your state. This also will increase your property value.

Expect anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000. The price varies in different circumstances. Some examples are if we can install the new wires to the existing wired locations using unfinished attic space or an unfinished basement to minimize damage and save time. It could be more difficult when there are middle floors or no unfinished areas to use. Inwhich case small notches and/or holes will be expected. Each home has a different number of outlets, switches, ect. New devices and wall plates will ALWAYS be provided at no additional cost as well as the first coat of patching. Existing light fixtures or fans will be re-hung also at no additional costs.

This can range anywhere from $1,000 to $4500. We start by checking your current electrical panel, meter box (inside or out), service wires, and grounding system to determine if there’s anything needed to be brought up to current code.

Grouding and bonding is a group of copper conductors that connect to various parts of your home (outlets, metal boxes, water/gas pipes, electrical panel) to ensure safety from shock for you and your family while at home. A weak or missing grounding system can be dangerous in an event of an  electrical fault as there’s no safety net to stop you from being harmed. This is one of the most important features of an electrical system.

3-prong adapters are NOT safe. They allow you to plug in decives or fixtures that require a ground (when there isn’t one) and this increases risk of being shocked if something were to go wrong. Grounding/Bonding is required for all wiring, plumbing pipes and gas pipes if needed.

Some companies may vary. Most electricians will leave thermostats to the HVAC professionals but will do low voltage work. With Mark West Electric we provide service for both Internet and Cable wiring. Along with hanging your TV and giving options to hide wires and cables.