Portable Generators

Portable gasoline and/or propane backup generators have become efficient and inexpensive enough to make sense for many homes, especially if you live in an area that’s prone to blackouts or storms.

These smaller generators can be moved with ease and stored out of sight when not needed, then easily turned on when needed.

Mark West Electric provides this type of generator with its own generator panel alongside your whole home electrical panel. The reasoning for this is to transfer over which circuits or areas of your home you’d like to keep on during a power outage so that the generator is not attempting to take on the entire home and shut down. Surprisingly, we can get most of your essentials on in your home with just these small generators which include any gas appliances as they draw very little power, your internet, lighting in certain areas of the home, convenience outlets, some major appliances like fridges or a freezer or maybe one kitchen appliance. All of this depends on the size of portable generator you’d like to purchase and how much power these appliances consume . Of course, whole home generators are the best option if you’re in an area that’s prone to power outages, so consult with us to see which option is best for you.

Mark West Electric technicians will go over with you which areas and circuits in your home you’d like to keep on and take care of the rest from there.

Whole Home Generators

bgehome generac home power generator

Whole home generator systems are units that will likely be located by the side or back of your home. The unit will sit on a crushed stone surface with a small concrete slab to avoid any plant growth underneath it.

These systems require a “transfer switch” which automatically detects when there is a complete power outage and will kick on without you having to lift a finger. The transfer switch is basically a second electrical panel with a nice outer grey finish that can either be installed indoors or outdoors per customer request.

These systems require electric and some type of gas whether its natural gas or propane, whichever your home has.

We can help you with that installation as we have experienced plumbers and gas fitters on the team who can take care of these services.

With Mark West Electric you will have a trained professional to calculate the electrical load of your home and provide you with the correct size for your home and needs. Don’t hesitate to call us. We will do all the hard work for you.

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