We’re big on home safety and peace of mind at Mark West Electric.

Many of our services include home security systems, child proof and tamper proof outlet installs, wired smoke/carbon monoxide detector systems, installation of a grounding system/wiring and whole home surge protection.
Most homes do not have any of the listed services above and for peace of mind this is why our customers reach out to us to have these services done.

Home Security Systems

There is a wide variety of ways we can go about this whether it’s cameras around the exterior of the home that you can always view and record on your phone or home security systems that alerts when doors or windows are opened. Any of these options are good for safety and easy to use.

Child Proof Outlets

Until recently outlets were not tamper resistant to stop children or anyone for that matter from poking unwanted objects into outlets that they should not. Installers will often install non-tamper resistant outlets to cut down on costs even though it is minor, and this is not the way to go.

Back Stabbed Outlets or Incorrectly Installed 

There’s multiple ways to wire an outlet or switch as we’ve all probly have seen and are left scratching our heads at which way is the correct way.

Well, technically, there’s three correct ways but only one is the safest, and that is going to be the pigtailed version. Backstabbing any outlet or switch is just asking for problems down the road as there’s only one small little metal tab inside of the outlet holding the wire into place and as the wire heats up during use, will cause this tab to open up leading to a very hot wire, and eventually a burnt up wire or outlet.

The other version is to wrap the wire around the screws but not pigtail them. This version makes it so all of the amperage has to pass through that device first to reach another device downstream, and if there is a loose connection in this device this can cause major issues (burnt up wire, burnt up device, loss of power, flickering lights, etc).

The safest way to wire an outlet is to pigtail is, this version only allows the amount of amperage that exact device is using to be passed thru it, leading to an extremely safer install and overall longer lasting one as well. Less amperage passing thru a device on a constant basic means less stress on the wires and device.

2 Ways to wire an outlet, and the SAFEST way :

daisey chains
  Burnt up outlet due to Back Stabbed Outlet :

burnt backstab

Wired Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke detectors are the number one reason for saving you and your house from a major house fire. They need to be implemented in all bedrooms, common areas of the home, and hallways. Most homes do not have them in nearly enough locations or the right type of detector for the location. Schedule a visit with us if you are unsure if your house is up to code.

Grounding and Whole Home Surge Protection

If your house does not have grounded wiring or a correct grounding system you are at a high risk of electrical shock whether it’s from your bathtub, kitchen sink, or an outlet or appliance plugged into the outlet. THREE PRONG ADAPTERS ARE NOT A GOOD SOLUTION AND NOT SAFE.

Whole home surge protection is highly recommended to be installed along with grounding upgrades to further protect you and your appliances. Small surge strips ARE NOT a good solution of surge protection as they only do one very tiny portion of your home and not nearly as much protection as a whole home surge protector would. Whole home surge protectors stop the surge at its source (the electrical panel) and won’t allow it to go any further, saving your expensive appliances and devices.

Most surges happen from large draws of amperage coming from inside the home and this is one of the main causes of damaged appliances and devices, there does not need to be a surge from storms/lightning strikes/power companies working on wires. Surge strips are not a good solution of protection for appliances.

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