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Just simple changes can significantly upgrade the aesthetic of your home. Whether it’s a new chandelier, exterior lighting, dimmable recessed lighting for a relaxed mood, or adding kitchen under/over cabinet lighting, we have you covered.

There are various styles, sizes and color varieties of recessed lighting but generally the typically install is either a 4 or 6 inch light, and 4 to 6 per room depending on the room size, and ceiling type (vaulted or slanted ceilings). Obviously, larger rooms may require more lighting and we will adjust for that.

The trending style now is a flat LED panel that is easy to install and replace as opposed to the old style big clunky metal recessed cans that older homes may have. When doing recessed lighting Mark West Electric only uses the highest quality and best looking styles. We even offer night light style LED recessed lighting for a different look even when you are able to dim your LED lights!

Example of night light style LED lights :

night light


The next thing we need to think about when installing recessed lighting is to make sure you know what color ( aka Kelvin ) you want your lights to be so that you’re the happiest you can be in your home, whether you’re looking for mood lighting or bright lighting to light up a kitchen or office. At Mark West Electric we supply high quality material, which means our LED lights come with a function that allows you to control the color temperature, so even if you aren’t sure of the color temperature ( Kelvin) right away, it’s as simple as moving a a dip switch on the light to change the color of it!


Example of Color Temperatures : 

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Chandeliers, pendants, and exterior lighting are all services we provide also. There is no light fixture in a residential home that we can’t install! Dimmers are always recommended for full controllability of lighting for the type of setting you’d like at the time. There are also options for  lighting control with wireless remotes, or apps on your phone to control lighting even when you’re not home for security purposes or incase you forgot to turn them off!

Under Cabinet, Pendant, Chandelier and Recessed Lighting :

upper and under cabinet lighting

pendantchandelier lighting

recessed lighting


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