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Outlet and Switch Installations


If your house does not have tamper resistant/child proof outlets in them, its a good idea to have them all replaced.

Tamper resistant outlets were designed with safety in mind, you cannot push any un-warranted objects into them, and it takes pushing both prongs into the outlet at the same time

to unlock the plastic lever that allows the prongs to be inserted. This is especially important for people with children who might be a little curious!

Examples of Tamper Resistant / Child Proof outlets :

tamper resistant receptacle outlets

tr outlet with bobby pin 1

Another service we offer is the installation of decorative or “decora” style outlets and switches. These are a more modern style of device, and you can significantly increase the look of your home by simply just changing your devices which is typically not hard for an experienced and licensed Electrician. These styles are also available in dimmers too.

Example of Standard vs Decorative Devices :

standard vs decora

togglevs decora