Tired of gas station trips? Do you want your own personal “fuel station”, and want an environmentally friendly car?

Mark West Electric can install any and all types of Car Chargers you’d need.

It’s extremely important to have a licensed, insured and reputable company to install these types of chargers to ensure no harm will come to your car. It is very easy to install one of these incorrectly and that is not a risk anyone should be taking with their new and expensive car!

There are numerous ways to charge your vehicle, options range from a standard 120 volt residential outlet to a dedicated 240 volt, 60 amp plug or charging station from your manufacturer. Before consulting with Mark West Electric it’s best to know how many miles an hour you’d like your car to charge and what size charger your vehicle and manufacturer requires to make this feasible, but of course if you’d rather have us help you with this we have no problem going over ALL of the options available and evidently making you as happy as we can with your new charger.

240 Volt / 60 Amp Tesla Charger :

tesla chargwe

240 Volt / 60 Amp Residential or Commercial Free Standing Charing Station :

tesla chargwe 1

240 Volt 30 or 50 Amp NEMA 14-30 or 14-50 Residential Outlet with Adapter for Charger to Plug in to :

nema14 50 charger

One of the things most people overlook is if it is even possible to install a car charger with their current electric panel setup. In some cases an upgrade may be warranted whether that is a bigger electrical panel to accommodate for the extra space needed or even a whole service upgrade (usually going from 100 amps to 200 amps) to accommodate for the extra amperage needed (car chargers use a lot of juice!).

Whole Home Surge protection is always HIGHLY recommended during these installs to ensure no damage will occur while charging your vehicle during a storm or power outage which can cause a power spike/surge sending higher voltage to the vehicle if plugged in.

For more information on Surge Protection you can view our Home Safety Page by clicking this link.

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